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Our Values

Islamic Help is an Australian registered charity delivering sustainable solutions that empower people in need. Our work is underpinned by our core values – honesty, transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Our Impacts

Our Areas Of Concern

Women's Rights

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Health Education

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Health Education

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Climate Change

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Our Values In Action

Life changing support.


Since our inception, we have inspired over 10 million people all over the world. Emergency relief, food, water, education, orphan care, and seasonal assistance, such as winter emergency response and Qurbani donations, are all priorities for us. We work with some of the world’s most vulnerable people, many who have been impacted by war, poverty, and natural disasters through no fault of their own.

We work closely with local communities to insure that those who are most in need are served. We work in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Gaza, Yemen, Jordan, Cameroon, France, and Australia, reaching out to remote regions, disaster-stricken areas, and areas of the world where poverty is unthinkable. We are committed to helping the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished people, including those impacted by war, hunger, and natural disasters, with the help of our donors and partners. Our beneficiaries, donors, and stakeholders are empowered by innovation, education, and information, and they are a part of our humanitarian journey. While being accountable to our donors, we insure that our beneficiaries are at the centre of our work and that we make a positive difference in their lives.

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Islamic Help Australia
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